trade games
not your money
1.  Once I have accepted a trade, how can I get the product?

» Please contact the person who has listed the product. Once you have arranged a way to ship the item, the points that are up for exchange will trade hands.

If you are having any trouble with trading, please contact the administrator to receive a bit of help.
2.  What is this site about?

» Look, after some thought about how much money places like Gamestop were making on used games, We got fed up. Why in the world would we pay $60 plus tax for a brand new game, play it through once or twice only to sell it back to them for $10-$15 of STORE CREDIT?

This site is about video games for video gamers like us. List your video games here for swap. Accept some offers for swap points. Once you collect enough points, trade them for other people's games. It's that easy.

Think about it... if you trade enough games, you would never have to buy another game again.

Here's an example:

1. I list my three games on the site.
2. I accept reasonable trade offers for the games and collect the points.
3. I find another game on the site that I haven't played and make an offer for it.
4. I recieve that game in the mail and game on!
5. Once I'm done with that game, I put it up for swap on the site and look for a few more.

See how easy this is? Trade Smart, Play Hard.
3.  Why use this site instead of GameStop, Bust Buy, or other game trading stores?

» You may have games or consoles which you may no longer need, wasting your shelf space and just collecting dust. Why have them just sit there? This site is useful for swapping games you don't want, or simply sell it to someone who does want it!

You are not committed to anything until both you and a second party (ie the other swapper/buyer) agree to proceed with the deal - you can withdraw a game or console at any time right up to this point without obligation or commitment.

Why Register with this site?

In order to sell and leave postings we need you to complete the short registration form. The information collected by this site will solely be used for activities that accommodate the swapping, bartering or sale of items between users of the site.

While you can search and browse without registering, if you want to swap, buy or sell, you will need to register.
4.  How do I buy points for games?

» Under the "MyBooth" section of your profile, you can select "buy points" from the left hand, menu. These points are the only way to trade games and allow for the safety of all trades and gamers.
5.  How do I create a listing?

» In order to create a listing, you must first be a registered user. After you register and log in, you will notice Add Sale/ Add Swap/ Add Wish links in the 'My Booth' section. Click on the appropriate link and enter all the information to create your listing.

What types of files can I upload as an image for my listing?

We recommend uploading a gif or a jpeg when posting a picture. These file types are usually small and will work with our system quite well.

Do I have any obligations?

Your obligations are set out in the site's Terms and Conditions which you have read as part of your registration.

In brief, the items offered must be legal and non-offensive to even a small number of people, and must be your property to offer.

You have no obligation to complete a swap or sale unless both you and another party have confirmed you want to go ahead with the deal, at which point you both MUST proceed. Otherwise, you can withdraw from a deal at any time up to this point.
6.  What happens when a swap/sale is confirmed?

» When both the parties confirm for the swap/sale this site gives you away the contact details of the other party, and the deal should be handled (ship goods, verify etc) external to the site.

Please contact the other game trader to arrange shipping.
7.  What is your policy on spam?

» We are proud to have a strict policy against unsolicited bulk e-mail and against sharing e-mail addresses with third parties - WE DON'T DO IT!

8.  How can I contact a user about an item I'm interested in?

» In order to contact a user about an item, you must first be a registered user. After you register and log in, select the item you are interested in and click on it. You will then notice a link in the listing that says "Make Offer" Click on this link, enter the details of your offer and the comments/message to the user. Please note that making an offer is the first step to go ahead with the deal.

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